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Amaranth Coconut Sambol

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Amaranth Coconut Sambol, “your favourite dish in a packet”.

Coconut sambol, or more widely known as pol sambol in Sri Lanka, is a traditional Sri Lankan delicacy made with the coconut kernel. It is mostly used as an accompanying dish for rice, string hoppers, hoppers and many more meals. Coconut sambol is prepared by scraping the coconut kernel, and mixing it well with red chillies, salt, pepper, onions, lime juice, and Processed Fish Seasoning.


100% natural Amaranath Dehydrated Coconut, Salt, Pepper, Red chilli, Processed fish Seasoning



Amaranth coconut sambol is your one stop solution for the perfect Coconut sambol. The Amaranth coconut sambol consists of two parts; the desiccated coconut and the packet of spices. The desiccated coconut is 100% Natural Amaranth Dehydrated coconut. The packet of spices consists of salt, pepper, red chilli flakes and Processed Fish Seasoning, mixed to get the perfect Coconut sambol taste. Mix the two packets with a little bit of water, and voila! The perfect coconut sambol is ready! You can also add lime juice, and chopped onions and tomatoes to taste. Amaranth Coconut Sambol allows you to prepare the dish consistently with great ease, as all the ingredients are available in one package.

Instructions to use 

Please mix 100% natural Amaranth Coconut with the sachet of spices and lime juice together to suit your taste. Add extra amount of lime juice to enhance the moisture content of Amaranth Coconut Sambol. Use of onion and /or tomato, taste will improve.

Amaranth Coconut Sambol

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