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Coir Yarn Geo Tex – 4

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Product Code CY4
Base Material Hand Spun Coir Fibre
Breaking Strength 25 lbs – 30 lbs
Yarn Thickness 5 mm – 6 mm
Eye Size 25 mm X 25 mm
Utilization m/ft 40HC 18,000


– Geo textiles are permeable nets made from either coir yarn or coir twine woven into a matrix that gives a 100% bio degradable mesh. Using these, separate, filter, reinforce, protect and drain the soil, controlling soil erosion

– These can be used in;

– Drainage systems
– Filtration applications
– Sediment controlling and separation
– Erosion controlling applications
– Moisture barriers
– Wind barriers and reinforcements

– Stronger models in the range can be used in steep terrains to prevent falling rocks


Coir Yarn Geo Tex - 4

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