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Aroma Whole Cloves

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Cloves are the aromatic flower buds of a tree in the family Myrtaceae. Cloves  lend flavor to curries marinades aroma in hot beverages.

Cloves are used either whole or ground to provide flavor for  both sweet and savory foods in pickling and the production of sauces and Ketchup. In medicine it is valued as a Carminative, aromatic and stimulant perfume.In dentistry and a clearing agent in microscopy.


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Nutritional Information

A teaspoon (2 g) of ground cloves contains

Eugenol comprises 72-90%

Calories : 21

Carbs : 1 gram

Fiber : 1 gram

Manganese : 30% of the RDI

Vitamin K : 4% of the RDI

Vitamin C : 3% of the RDI



Aroma Whole Cloves

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